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low impact paintball
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Less impact, more fun! Everyone can play low impact paintball – ages 6 and up!

Low impact paintball vs. traditional paintball

Check out the impact of a low impact .50 caliber paintball vs. a regular .68 caliber paintball! You’ll see why we only have low impact paintball at Blue Line Paintball and Events.

Less impact

Low Impact Paintball

What is Low Impact Paintball?

Traditional paintball uses a .68 caliber paintball, which leaves a welt and a bruise when you are hit.  Some people, kids and adults alike, don’t really want that.  Thank goodness there’s an alternative – Low Impact Paintball!!

Low Impact Paintball uses a .50 caliber paintball, which is much smaller. The smaller paintball has less mass and energy, so it has way less impact when you are hit.  It also uses a smaller gun, which makes it easier for younger kids to handle. 

.68 vs .50 caliber paintballs
happy kids having a paintball birthday party at blue line
low Impact paintball
Way Less Impact
More Fun for everyone
Happy Players
fun for everyone

Why Low Impact paintball?

At Blue Line Paintball & Events near Tyler, Terrell and Sulphur Springs, we offer a Low Impact and fun-filled environment for everyone to come and enjoy. What is Low Impact Paintball? Well, it’s still paintball…but with less of the ouch we grew up with, ya know? This allows us to have much younger children play and enjoy the game – ages 6 and up.

This is also a great option for those first-time players who have heard the horror stories about how much paintball hurts. Yes, there is still a sting, but not nearly as bad. It’s about like a good snap with a rubber band!

Low Impact Paintball

Low Impact Paintball is great for parties

At Blue Line Paintball & Events near Tyler, Terrell and Sulphur Springs, low impact paintball parties and events are exciting, fun and easy to organize. Whether your group is large or small, we can help you host the low impact paintball party or event that will be talked about all year long!  

Looking for a low impact paintball field near Tyler, Terrell or Sulphur Springs? Blue Line Paintball & Events is the place for your next birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, team building event, company outing, corporate party, church group, youth group or school field trip ………  and more! 

There’s lots of reasons for a low impact paintball party! What’s yours?

birthday parties

Paintball birthday parties are for all ages - kids and adults - from ages 4 to 84 love paintball birthday parties! 

team building

Build confidence, camaraderie, communication and team building skills with a paintball company event!

Bachelor Parties

Celebrate the upcoming nuptials with a paintball bachelor party or a paintball bachlorette party!

Church |Youth Groups

Paintball is a great outdoor activity for church, youth groups and school events. They won't be bored!
getting ready to play paintball for birthday party
Come on Out!

Get your East Texas Paintball Game on!

Y’all come on out and play at Blue Line Paintball near Tyler, Terrell and Sulphur Springs!