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We offer a Low Impact and fun-filled environment for everyone to come and enjoy! All ages and abilities!

Birthday parties

The Ultimate Paintball Birthday Party
or GellyBall Birthday Party

trying to find a birthday idea or birthday event?

Looking for a fun birthday party idea near Terrell, Tyler and Sulphur Springs? Your birthday gal or guy will be so excited to find out their birthday is playing low impact paintball or GellyBall! 

Our low impact paintball birthday parties and GellyBall birthday parties are fun for all ages and abilities – from ages six to eighty six!  You don’t even have to have played paintball or GellyBall before!

When you play at our East Texas Blue Line Paintball Park, we know you’ll have a blast. Book your paintball birthday party or GellyBall birthday today! Book online, or if you have any questions, contact us today!

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perfect for birthday parties

Low impact paintball is a birthday activity everyone can enjoy! 

GellyBall is an ultra low impact sport for ages four to eighty four! Perfect for birthdays!

At Blue Line Paintball & Events near Tyler, Terrell and Sulphur  Springs, Paintball birthday parties and GellyBall birthday parties and events are exciting, fun and easy to organize. Whether your group is large or small, we can help you host the birthday party or event that will be talked about all year long!  

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Why Low Impact paintball?

At Blue Line Paintball & Events near Tyler, Terrell and Sulphur Springs, we offer a Low Impact and fun filled environment for everyone to come and enjoy. What is Low Impact Paintball you ask? Well, it’s still paintball…but with less of the ouch we grew up with, ya know? This allows us to have much younger children play and enjoy the game.

This is also a great option for those first time players who have heard the horror stories about how much paintball hurts. Yes, there is still a sting, but not nearly as bad. It’s about like a good snap with a rubber band! Perfect for birthday parties for all ages from six to eighty six!

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low Impact paintball
Way Less Impact
More Fun for everyone
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GellyBall is a revolutionary new ultra low impact sport. As much fun as paintball, more fun than Nerf!  Its fun for everyone – ages four to eighty four! Book your GellyBall birthday party today!

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GellyBall is perfect for Birthday Parties!

No more picking up ammo from the ground! GellyBall Blasters hold 750 GellyBalls without reloading. And there’s no mess!!!!  

Need snacks?

Need refreshments?

Work up an appetite? We have snacks and drinks available for purchase. Feel free to bring in your own food and drinks (non-alcoholic)! We supply water free to players!

Come on Out!

Get your East Texas Paintball Game on!

Y’all come on out and play at Blue Line Paintball near Tyler, Terrell and Sulphur Springs!